An achievable Yoga style which will help you feel stronger, healthier and happier. Classes are suitable for beginners - intermediate. Yoga is for all shapes and sizes and highly recommended for those recovering from injuries, overweight or those who may not be that flexible or coordinated. Kelly is passionate about supporting you to improve your health, core strength, and encourage your life long Yoga practice.

Beginner Health Programs

If you are completely new to exercise and just don't know where to start, try our Beginner's Health Program, we will help you get back to everyday movements, start with gentle activities to help with weight loss, overcoming back, hip, knee issues by retraining the body gently through body weight activities.


An experienced trainer that actually understands and works with any limitations that you may have due to age, medical conditions, wear and tear on the body. Exercise is prescribed to train you safely but also to help you reach any fitness or weight loss goal that you may have.


Designed to teach and retrain men and women in good pelvic floor function. Many men and women will experience pelvic floor dysfunction in their lifetime, a regular and safe exercise program can reduce and stop symptoms. By working with us you will be able to get back into living your life without incontinence or that light bladder loss. Clients have had positive results in as little as 1-2 weeks, book now for your private consultation.

Back Rehabilitation Programs

One of the keys to overcoming back pain is learning how to stretch, strengthen and building a strong core. Once your physiotherapist or GP allows you to return to a light exercise program, let us show you how to restore back strength and learn how to manage and exercise for long term pain relief.


Join us to transform and kickstart your weight loss and metabolism, we have proven statistics and great results in weight loss, reduced blood pressure, improved heart rate, improved energy, better sleep. Suitable for all levels of fitness.


Massage is therapy designed to heal and activate the musculoskeletal system. The treatment is tailored for each individual patient, designed specifically to address your personal pain, goals and special requirements using a combination of techniques across all levels of massage from relaxation to deep tissue.


Join us for local walks with like minded people, or join us for Yoga WALKS which are multi day adventures to enjoy the relaxation and health benefits yoga and hiking can bring. Check out our walks coming up Women's Exclusive NZ South Island, Queen Charlotte Walk and Wine Adventure, Great Barrier Island, New Zealand, Japan. We also have a Tarkine adventure in Tasmania Dec 18. For more details email or call.

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