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Knowing the benefits of Exercise from a personal and professional perspective, I continue to research articles on the topic. I was a bit dismayed to see that so many yoga and exercise programs advertised for 50 Plus, portrayed pictures of greyed hair women sitting on a fit ball, or chair bound struggling to reach their toes, […]

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Yoga for Women 50 plus

YOGA FOR WOMEN 50 PLUS Some of the common things I hear and see as a Yoga teacher is how ladies have tried Yoga and didn’t like it? so I have to ask the question WHY? Yoga is the most balanced of exercise for mind and body. It is becoming the flavour of the month […]

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Despite your best intentions to train alone or go walking, it may not be enough for you to maintain the same motivation. If the group class time table doesn’t suit you, then why not do private training sessions. Option 1 – Virtually session, where we will coach you as if you were in our gym.Your […]

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10 Secrets to Weight Loss

‘If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.’ From experience I see this time and time again, if the only goal a client has is to lose xx kilos,  nothing changes long term. If and when the weight goal is reached for that special event, generally […]

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Is 50 the new 40 or is it even better?

Fifty is definitely the new 40. So if you are about to turn 50 (or perhaps if you are already there) it’s certainly not the time to stop exercising, in fact quite the opposite is true. At least half of the age related diseases and injuries are caused by disuse and misuse. We should therefore be building strong bodies […]

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De-Stress with Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Sodhana)

Nadi Sodhana is a breathing technique that has a direct link to balance the hemisphere’s in the brain. It can de stress and quieten the mind, release tension and anxiety through the body and may also help with restful sleep. Practiced on a regular basis, it is particularly useful for those with depression, PTSD, anxiety, […]

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