/ Don’t use Injury as an excuse for not exercising

Don’t use Injury as an excuse for not exercising


Don’t use Injury as an excuse for not exercising


Once we sustain an injury we tend to suffer from fear avoidance and stop exercising entirely. This can sometimes be an excuse for not exercising for years on end particularly if it’s a back or knee issue (for example). But is it always the best thing to do? If it’s an acute painful injury, it’s important to seek medical attention, but there may be many activities that you can still do to maintain your fitness and also help in recovery time. Not exercising at all can lead to other medical conditions such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and cancers.  Doing no activity at all can sometimes make your injury worse and also affect other areas of your health. Once you are  given the all clear by your physio or GP to return to a light program, that’s where training under supervision of an experienced PT can really improve recovery time. Not only do I teach you how to exercise properly so that you don’t injury yourself again, but  I can work with your physio and GP to ensure that your training program blends with their treatment recommendations. I’ll teach you how to prevent injuries by showing correct movement patterns, whilst working on improving your balance, flexibility, core and back strength.

Alot of injuries are sustained because we choose the incorrect exercises for our age, medical conditions  and body types. Many exercises that we may have done did years ago in the gym or in boot camps are now considered potentially dangerous exercises and are unsafe. Lat pull downs behind the head, chest pec dec, crunches, situps, burpees etc. As an experienced and  qualified specialised personal trainer, in addition to a Yoga and Pilates Teacher, I am qualified to teach you pre-habilitation and rehabilitation and make your road to recovery a smooth one, by improving overall health and muscular balance. We pretty much have all areas of your health/fitness covered. I specialise in teaching safe pelvic floor exercises, core and back health as well help with conditions such as fibromyaglia, post cancers and injuries. Speak to me about your individual needs. It’s time to stop using that dodgy knee/back injury as an excuse for not getting back into living life to the fullest! (Full Life Fitness)

Live Healthy, Live Happy. Kelly Pope


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