Full Life Fitness is a community of like minded Women doing something different, bored of gyms, why not get outside, enjoy the fresh air, company of others and push your body of varied terrain to get a great workout and meet people. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is empowering, exhilarating and makes you feel a healthier and happier person. Full Life Fitness introduced the Adventure Club Membership to share a love of bushwalking with others. So why join? because 2018 is proving to be even bigger, more events, more walks, more exciting trips.

  • Research shows hiking is actually good for your physical and mental health,
  • Meet like-minded woman and make friends,
  • Member’s will receive discounts on some overnight Hikes, multi day hikes,
  • Weekly and monthly hikes are discounted for members
  • Get involved with finding a love of the outdoors (possibly lose weight in the process),
  • Allows you to set some achievable fitness and health goals,
  • Loan of Day packs and poles for members,
  • Discounts on gear such as yoga mats, hiking supplies, equipment etc,
  • Exclusive VIP shopping expeditions at Mountain Designs as well as discounts vouchers for overnight treks,
  • Discounts for other activities that include – women in the wild getaways, and
  • Access to our closed Community Adventure facebook page.

Cost for a 1 year membership is just $120.

includes all walks Jan and Feb 18.

Following that discounted member prices for walks.

Why Hike??

Hiking is great for fitness, as we have already found out throughout our weekly and multi day hikes over the last few years. If you would like to join the hiking group, we start on gentle bushtracks and work our way up to carrying light daypacks. This is a perfect opportunity to get outside and know that you are fully supported and safe with others. Walking on dirt tracks is also a lot better for your feet and joints. Bush walking is mostly on uneven ground and includes ascents and descents . This stretches the plantar facscia in the feet, calves and encourages normal gait patterns. If you are experiencing foot or heel pain, tight calves, Achilles pain it may be due to walking on hard surfaces such as roads, footpaths etc. Being in nature is also proven natural relief for anxiety and depression as well as lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Do I have to be fit?

Not at all we have a range of different fitness levels, and no one is ever too far away from each other.

Every Tues and Fri – Albany Creek area, first Sunday of the month locations are posted on FB, Gym noticeboard.

Interested in joining? email or call (for access to the Albany Creek meet points).

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