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Here We Go

As I sit waiting for my plane, I am filled with emotion. Excitement, a bit of fear, but also sadness! My original reasons for doing TA was to find myself, get off the grid, but now that I am surrounded by a group of amazing women, it leaves me a little reluctant and feeling selfish that I will be leaving my support group that on a day to day basis fills my life with such joy, purpose and laughter.

I do however ask the ladies regularly to push themselves outside their comfort zone, to try new things, to challenge themselves, to accomplish things they never first thought possible. I try to live my life and run my business by leading by example and doing just that! It would be remiss of me not to set my own goals and achieve a few things out side of my comfort zone!

I guess what also concerns me is the Prep for the hike didn’t quite go to plan! A slip in Japan in Oct left me in a lot of pain, so after a cortisone injection in my spine, lots of Physio and an unexpected ambulance ride to the hospital, I just hope that my body is ready and holds up for what lies ahead! I have set my goals in sections! Plan: get through the first 6 day hike, then the next 5 day hike etc “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

Let’s hope that this middle aged body does what my 25yr old brain wants to achieve!

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