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Hiking for Weight Loss


Hiking for Weight Loss

Does Hiking really work for weight loss? simply answer is yes. With regular walks you will see the improvements in health and fitness. Bushwalking tracks can be unpredictable, so your body needs to work differently than say a stroll in urban areas or walking on a treadmill, where your body is not challenged. Bushwalking uses your core to help keep you stable, and your legs and cardiovascular system get a great workout, particularly as we start to introduce hills and weights to our packs. Beginners beware though, it’s not ok to just head into the bush, take a few precautions, wear appropriate gear, tell someone where you are going, better still go with someone experienced, so if an injury does occur, you have someone to assist you. The Good news is:  our Full Life Fitness Adventure Club walks commence again this week.We are starting  slow and steady and will gradually increase the hills, time and intensity.

Having just returned from 10 days hiking in Japan, the scales were proof that hiking does change body composition. My muscle mass increased by 3.5kilos, my body fat decreased by 1.4%, resting heart rate was 69bpm, and overall it was a great boost for metabolism.

If you are interested in joining our Adventure Club, bush walks start again this week. Come and join like minded Ladies and get the mental and physical benefits of being in nature. Why not set a multi day hike as a goal in 2018, we have several we local weekend getaways, day hikes, interstate and overseas hikes to choose from.  You can become a member of our Adventure Club or join our events and walks for a casual fee.

Email or call for locations, costs and further details.

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