/ Hiking is great for your health and wellbeing

Hiking is great for your health and wellbeing


Hiking is great for your health and wellbeing

Since I embarked into multi day hiking in 2008, following many years of chronic pain, my passion for hiking has grown into an obsession. It feeds my soul, soothes my brain and makes my body feel alive. Even on some tougher hikes, there is nothing more rewarding than that feeling that comes with the  physical exertion of completing a hike. In a group situation, it’s the mateship of completing something together and helping each other through. My article in Great Walks Magazine a few years ago still features occasionally. It was about my family flying in a small plane into the South Coast Track, and taking on all it had to offer, it still holds fond memories, mainly for the achievement and experiencing this with my boys and my husband.

Hiking isn’t about racing to the finish and it took a few hikes for me to really appreciate that. It’s about stopping to smell the roses, more accurately to look at the intricate wild flowers grown nowhere else in the world,(seeing Mt Cook cups that only flower 2 weeks of a year – filled delicately with dew), listening to the ocean and seeing the unedited brilliance of its’ colour. Trekking through rainforest and being surrounded by the most brilliant shades of green.   milford 208

To see a sky so full of stars that light up the night, no city lights, no traffic, just pure silence, if you’re lucky you’ll experience seeing the northern or southern lights.

The warm, cool or sometimes  freezing wind that hits you on the summits, being blasted by gale force winds and sleet. The ability to walk to somewhere isolated, knowing that you have the entire place to yourself to watch the seals frolic, cormorants nest, birdlife to surround you with curiosity.

milford 196

Each hike has a different experience, but the one thing that is a constant, it makes you feel alive.  I don’t want to get old wondering what if!! or I should’ve done that when I was younger. Drs agree there are many health benefits from hiking and being in nature. It’s an opportunity to disconnect from technology, and reconnect with nature. it not only improves your aerobic fitness, it reduces stress, and increases endorphin release, making you feel happy and alive.

I can’t wait to head back to Tasmania, in   just over 10 weeks, I’ll be standing in some beautiful part of our country again.  There maybe a chance 2 more spots are available, cost is $3200, fully inclusive of airfares,accom, meals, Track, trekking meals, boats, buses, airport transfers, Bruny Island all day Tour.


8 – 13 May 17 – we are going back to South Island, NZ to do portions of Queen Charlotte Track and the Marlborough wineries. Staying in luxury and resort accommodation. Expressions of Interest can be made now, payments are not required until Feb. Date 8 – 13 May 16, cost $3200, full details are available via email, or request  a brochure.

We also have local day hikes around the local area, if you want to join in. Cost is a max of $10 and sometimes they’ll be free events. Keep an eye out on my facebook page for dates.





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