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New Year, New Attitude


New Year, New Attitude

Start the New Year New with a new attitude, instead of New Year resolutions that are usually forgotten by Feb. A positive mindset is infectious not just for our mind but our overall health, and it will outlast a few resolutions made on New Year’s Eve. Sure it’s easy to slip back into old routines, filled with unhealthy habits, but habits can be changed from negative ones to positive ones. Start by building a support system that will help to keep you on track:

  • pair up with a friend,
  • get fit with your partner,
  • encourage the kids to join you outside,
  • walk the dog,
  • work with a personal trainer,
  • join a group class, and
  • have a training commitment and put it in writing.

The most important thing is to have a schedule that encourages you to be accountable and  as soon as you find yourself wanting to skip out of that training session, be strong, stick to the routine and find that support network. Before you know it, you have already attended your fitness class, PT session or gone for a walk with a friend. The more active you are the easier a healthy habit  becomes, you will  more energy, improved sleep, and the healthier that you feel.

Transformation is a process and there will always be a few setbacks and/or disappointments, the important thing is to move forward as soon as you find yourself in a negative mindset. Step outside, do a 5 minute breathing routine, acknowledge the disappointment, then let that crap go! Distract yourself with something that makes you smile and move forward.

Be the person you want to be in 2017. Being in control of your positive direction, is empowering. So how will you start 2017?

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