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Tag: Albany Creek personal Trainer

Secrets to Weight Loss

‘If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.’ From experience I see this time and time again, if the only goal a client has is to lose xx kilos,  nothing changes long term. If and when the weight goal is reached for that special event, generally […]

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Don’t use Injury as an excuse for not exercising

INJURY PREVENTION and/or INJURY REHABILTATION Once we sustain an injury we tend to suffer from fear avoidance and stop exercising entirely. This can sometimes be an excuse for not exercising for years on end particularly if it’s a back or knee issue (for example). But is it always the best thing to do? If it’s an […]

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The Worst Exercises for your Back and Pelvic Floor

The Worst Exercises that you can do for your lower back and pelvic floor have just been named and shamed in this month’s Member’s Newsletter. It should be noted that at least half of those exercises are Pilates based, so are you keeping your back and pelvic floor safe? Want to learn more? Join us for our New 7 Week Spring Health and […]

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