/ Tag: Fitness for 50 plus Albany Creek

Tag: Fitness for 50 plus Albany Creek


These sessions are exactly the same as our face to face classes, perhaps even more convenient as you save on driving time and expenses. I have even lowered the fees to allow it more affordable for you during these next few months. Cost is just $10 per class (for a limited time), numbers are still […]

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the Adventure Club Begins in 2017

In 2008, I hiked to the top of a mountain peak, surrounded by a stunning mountain range, dusted in snow and the most brilliant blue sky. That moment changed me forever, I knew I was hooked. The exhilaration and feeling of accomplishment when we finished the hike was overwhelming. I knew then that I wanted to share this experience with others.  I had […]

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Is 50 the new 40 or is it even better?

Fifty is definitely the new 40. So if you are about to turn 50 (or perhaps if you are already there) it’s certainly not the time to stop exercising, in fact quite the opposite is true. At least half of the age related diseases and injuries are caused by disuse and misuse. We should therefore be building strong bodies […]

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