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Tag: womens fitness albany creek


Come and join our next round of our 6 Week Health Challenge. Sometimes the hardest part to get healthier is to take that first step. So what makes this program different from yet another bootcamp, quick weight loss gimmick. This is a mindset change as well as a physical one. In the current and previous challenges we have recorded results that have included: reduced […]

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the Adventure Club Begins in 2017

In 2008, I hiked to the top of a mountain peak, surrounded by a stunning mountain range, dusted in snow and the most brilliant blue sky. That moment changed me forever, I knew I was hooked. The exhilaration and feeling of accomplishment when we finished the hike was overwhelming. I knew then that I wanted to share this experience with others.  I had […]

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MINDFULNESS – What is it?

Whoaaaa ,slow down – LIFE  is way too busy.  You will hear the term MINDFULNESS  more and more often, so what it is? I think we can all agree that our lives have got busier with each passing decade. There is relentless communications, social media, the expectation of constant contact and demands of daily life personal and […]

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