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Tag: women’s health albany creek

HIIT classes

Our HIIT exercise and training program is designed to make it quick, but also safe for your body to achieve a healthier lifestyle option. You will never do a situp, crunch, v-sit, star jump or burpee in our sessions. All of these have proven to be bad for your pelvic floor and lower back. Our session […]

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These sessions are exactly the same as our face to face classes, perhaps even more convenient as you save on driving time and expenses. I have even lowered the fees to allow it more affordable for you during these next few months. Cost is just $10 per class (for a limited time), numbers are still […]

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Despite your best intentions to train alone or go walking, it may not be enough for you to maintain the same motivation. If the group class time table doesn’t suit you, then why not do private training sessions. Option 1 – Virtually session, where we will coach you as if you were in our gym.Your […]

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New Year, New Attitude

Start the New Year New with a new attitude, instead of New Year resolutions that are usually forgotten by Feb. A positive mindset is infectious not just for our mind but our overall health, and it will outlast a few resolutions made on New Year’s Eve. Sure it’s easy to slip back into old routines, filled with unhealthy […]

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MINDFULNESS – What is it?

Whoaaaa ,slow down – LIFE  is way too busy.  You will hear the term MINDFULNESS  more and more often, so what it is? I think we can all agree that our lives have got busier with each passing decade. There is relentless communications, social media, the expectation of constant contact and demands of daily life personal and […]

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