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Tag: womens hiking albany creek


Come and join our next round of our 6 Week Health Challenge. Sometimes the hardest part to get healthier is to take that first step. So what makes this program different from yet another bootcamp, quick weight loss gimmick. This is a mindset change as well as a physical one. In the current and previous challenges we have recorded results that have included: reduced […]

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Hiking for Weight Loss

Does Hiking really work for weight loss? simply answer is yes. With regular walks you will see the improvements in health and fitness. Bushwalking tracks can be unpredictable, so your body needs to work differently than say a stroll in urban areas or walking on a treadmill, where your body is not challenged. Bushwalking uses your core to help keep you stable, […]

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What every new Hiker needs to know.

It’s important if you are a novice to hiking, not to bite off more than you can chew. Start with gentle day hikes with support of other experienced hikers, Just so happens our Adventure Club started this morning. Once you find your feet and are confident that you can carry a pack, add the weight gradually […]

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