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Tag: yoga for back pain


These sessions are exactly the same as our face to face classes, perhaps even more convenient as you save on driving time and expenses. I have even lowered the fees to allow it more affordable for you during these next few months. Cost is just $10 per class (for a limited time), numbers are still […]

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As with many that have served in the Defence Forces, I sustained several injuries and suffered chronic pain for many years. A few more things went terribly wrong  and this lead to depression, anxiety and lots of medication and treatment. So fast forward to the present day, what has changed?? I changed. I now own and operate a […]

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Yoga for Women 50 plus

YOGA FOR WOMEN 50 PLUS Some of the common things I hear and see as a Yoga teacher is how ladies have tried Yoga and didn’t like it? so I have to ask the question WHY? Yoga is the most balanced of exercise for mind and body. It is becoming the flavour of the month […]

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