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TE ARAROA Challenge

Once in your life you have to do something really adventurous and maybe just a little crazy (well the flight is booked) so after years of contemplation, the FLF Te Araroa Adventure is going to happen.   I will be attempting to hike 1432kms over 80 days on the Te Araroa.

The most common questions that I have received so far – ‘Why are you doing it?’ and ‘how much will you have to carry?’

The Why: The mammoth undertaking and fear associated with a thru hike is certainly not lost on me.  There’s a not a day goes by since making the decision to take on Te Araroa that I don’t think if it’s achievable. I will have just turned 52 yr old, I have numerous medical issues that will not make it easy and cause some hindrance. So why ?  I don’t want to die wondering, what if I could have done this or that or if only I tried such and such…..well – I simply just have to give it a go. It’s about the challenge, the goal setting, the planning and prep, the feeling at the end of a hike, the feeling of achievement (regardless of how far I get), the empowering feeling that at least I gave it go.  It’s also because I know professionally and whole heartedly from experience, the benefits that hiking/tramping/bushwalking provides. It is great for mental health, metabolism, heart health, builds strong bodies and in the most natural way possible – connecting with the environment.  With 115 days to do, it’s now time to work on the mindset and visualisation of its completion. My goal is to simply stay focused and remember ‘ a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step’.  In my  case this journey is 1432kms, so it will be one foot in front of the other, one day at a time, one section at a time, and just let’s see how far I can get.

The Gear: The list below is what my multi day pack looks like. Note the only items that will change will be food and water depending on the duration of each section. The remainder of the pack weight is known as base weight, it won’t change.  As you can see it’s neither a light nor a cheap venture. I have been very grateful to Paddy Pallin through both donations of several items, as well as having a great range of gear to choose from.

Total GRAMS Item Cost
15 Sun hat use a hankie, SPF material to attach to cap
66 Beanie (see what microfleece weigh) $25.00
390 Arc texy $719.00
224 Waterproof pants (need to be under 200grams) $200.00
99 water proof seal skins gloves $60.00
88 watreproof socks $50.00
36 Full Life fitness cap $12.00
230 Macpac tights fleece $90.00
178 fleece jumper $50.00
212 Long pants thermals to walk in. $65.00
98 Long sleeve light shirt Rab (sand fly country) $60.00
200 Macpac Down jacket $99.00
106 T shirt for sleeping in $35.00
156 Wright Socks x 2 $45.00
284 Lighweight teva 284gms $119.00
30 undies ex officio Paddy Sponsor
54 bra exofficio Paddy Sponsor
2466 TOTAL Clothes SLEEPING Gear
  129 Osprey ultralight dry sack Paddy Sponsor
510 Western Mountaineering Sleeping bag WM ultralight 5.6′ $639.95
263 Sea to Summit Sleeping bag liner +11 degrees $69.95
88 Sea to Summit Pillow $40.00
364 thermarest neo-air with homemade waterproof bag $259.00
60 pump bag sea to summit $45.00
1285 TOTAL Sleeping
302 GSI SOLO with stove and 110gas (one each) $52.00
220 Gas – 110g net containers x 2 per section each $25.00
62 2.5litre bladder $35.00
62 water bottle Use collapsable Nalgene $35.00
80 Lifestraw Paddy Sponsor
10 Spork $5.00
110 40 Litre Pack liner osprey $28.00
1550 Pack Osprey Ariel pro 65(removed  lid) Paddy Sponsor
248 handmade pouches 124 grms each
32 sand fli mesh (can send forward to lower sections) $30.00
388 black diamond hiking poles $179.00
238 iphone per plan
206 Water sterilise pen or use a lifestraw. $150.00
530 electronic kit, leads, chargers, power pack  $30.00
46 Headlight – petzel $45.00
170 Emergency Kit (tent pole, repair kit, silicon,batteries)
116 garmin mini in reach $500.00
44 Pocket knife –with scissors $80.00
1900 Nemo dagger 3p with footprint Paddy Sponsor
5468 TOTAL Equipment
MEDICAL (need all resupply on these) EACH
100 pre cut strapping tape, Kinesio Tape,plus the white tape $100.00
Wound pads, abrasion gels
bandaids assorted
Blister pads – 6
Toe sleeves for blisters – 150 mm
antiinfalmmatories (Mobic x 24)
Tubigrip for sprains
Painkillers – 24 Strong pain
20 dry sack 3l $8.00
20 dry sack 3 l Paddy Sponsor
11 Tooth brush $5.00
30 Toothpaste – 25g lasts 14 days $5.00
20 chux for towel
80 Toilet paper (whole roll is 80g) $3.00
50 Envir wash $6.00
10 Lip balm $2.50
50 Insect repellent $5.00
100 sunscreen $5.00
5 chux(p rag)
356 TOTAL Toiletries
20 PERSONAL dry sack $8.00
60 Old lady Seeing eye glasses (30g + pouch 11g) $209.00
115 Money ($200 cash) and cards, PASSPORT
175 TOTAL Personal
10606 TOTAL Base Weight Carried EXCLUDING Food and Water  
35 food sack 12 litres $13.00
6300 food average 700gm per day x 9 days
2000 Water min provided resups available
18941 GRAND TOTAL Carried on back    
76 Watch $600.00
110 T shirt – $40.00
143 shorts $70.00
55 Underpants $30.00
100 Gaiters –
350 Footwear – trail shoes salamon $169.00
54 bra $35.00
77 Socks – waterprrof $35.00
purchase prices
965 TOTAL Additional on the body on an average day    
apps, maps and communication on phone $99.00
19906   TOTAL $5,339.40

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