Well!!! The last bits and pieces of organisation for our crazy Adventure is completed – food drop boxes posted to forward locations, spare stuff sent home, transport (hopefully booked) and importantly my legs are shaved! 😂 I am now left with my fully loaded Osprey aerial pro pack 65litre thanks to #paddy Pallin and the clothes I’m wearing on my back! No time to 2nd guess anything that we have packed Or forgotten to pack.

There is Rain forecast Wed-Fri, and the weather is looking pretty ominous at the moment. It’s hoped we can get on the track, any overnight rain will limit our access in (may involve an extra 8 km walk after a swim across the river) rain during our walk will force us to wait it out until the rivers are passable! Once we start it’s a matter of keep going, returning is not an option, as the ford at the start is more likely to be cut off! We are very mindful however, that flexibility is the key- sometimes shit happens! The GPS messaging has been tested, topo maps assessed and track data plans are done. I’m not sure if we can be any more prepared than this!

So with everything in place (as much as possible) it’s now a matter of leaving it to the rain gods & hoping that our transport shows up in the morning. We have places to be, people to meet, it’s time to immerse ourselves into the wilderness of NZ! TA here we come!

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