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Fiona -2016

Fiona Before I have been seeing Kelly twice a week – PT session and yoga – for almost 7 months now. In that time I have lost over 13kg, 13cm from my waist, 16 cm from my tummy, 14cm from my hips and 6.5 cm from each thigh! I have never been an exerciser – this is the first time I have stuck to anything for such a long period of time. Kelly takes age, injury and ability in to account.  My fitness level and flexibility are amazing compared to when I first started. My heartburn has disappeared and my self confidence has improved. Her knowledge and experience have enabled me to achieve results I didn’t think possible. Goal is still a little way off, but when I get there I plan to keep seeing Kelly – her attitude, friendliness and sense of humour make it enjoyable and fun – although I probably wouldn’t agree with that in the middle of a session! Thanks for everything Kelly.