/ the Adventure Club Begins in 2017

the Adventure Club Begins in 2017


the Adventure Club Begins in 2017

In 2008, I hiked to the top of a mountain peak, surrounded by a stunning mountain range, dusted in snow and the most brilliant blue sky. That moment changed me forever, I knew I was hooked. The exhilaration and feeling of accomplishment when we finished the hike was overwhelming. I knew then that I wanted to share this experience with others.  I had a dream to create a community for women to connect, exercise, travel, laugh and enjoy each other’s company. I wanted to empower Ladies to be stronger, more importantly healthier versions of themselves, ready to take on new challenges: moving outside their comfort zone and tackling and overcoming  physical and mental health issues.

The dream is now a reality, as Full Life Fitness heads off for another group hike in Tasmania this week. So why not take leap of faith on an upcoming adventure. Worried about hiking alone?

The thought of hiking alone without my husband and sons, terrified me, was I being selfish, was I abandoning everyone, what if I needed help, could I do it alone, would I be scared, what if,  what if ? The apprehension was ridiculous and unfounded, what I found on Kokoda Track was a new spirit within me, it gave me freedom (the only person I had to worry about was me), I found inner strength, I had time to process everything, at other times could completely clear my mind, it was completely liberating.

adventure-club-flfThe Adventure Club is exclusive to like minded Ladies or those who want more than just going to the gym or doing yet another boot camp in the park. The Adventure Club is about joining a supportive community of women who want to change minds, change attitudes, change lives. We will push through the comfort zone, push over those mental and physical barriers, we will grow a strong, powerful and positive community of women.

Membership is just $99 for a full year, which includes a learn to bushwalk program in Feb, discounted monthly hikes, discounted multi day hikes and gear, and other get togethers throughout the year.

Further details of the Adventure Club and upcoming events can be obtained by signing up to the latest FLF Newsletter or email for more details.



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