/ The Worst Exercises for your Back and Pelvic Floor

The Worst Exercises for your Back and Pelvic Floor


The Worst Exercises for your Back and Pelvic Floor

Not only will they NOT give you a flat stomach,  you are probably  causing damage to your lower back, neck and pelvic floor.
Here’s why?
These exercises cause the superficial upper abdominals (the six pack rectus abdominis) to bear down into the deep stomach muscles (transverse abdominals) which then press down on the pelvic floor. If you don’t have a back issue, these exercises will certainly go along way to help you get one!

  • they reinforce the stooped over posture that we already create with long periods of sitting.
  • in the curled up position we restrict the diaphragm and therefore the correct breathing. sequence causing strain on the muscles instead of allowing natural movement of the diaphragm.
  • the lower back gets compressed, which if the vertebrae is already degenerated can cause compressions on nerves, discs, or bone on bone.
  • it overuses the hip flexor muscles which are probably weak and tight from long periods of sitting.
  • all of these exercises are relying on the rectus abdominals which then disengages the obliques and transverse abs.
  • for men and women these exercises weaken the pelvic floor.If you haven’t exercised before or for a long time, this is a great opportunity to learn how to exercise safely. We will teach you which exercises to avoid and alternatives to building a strong body without the risk to back, neck and pelvic floor. If you are not available to train during  the day at our & week series of group sessions,  no problem, there are a number of other options for training to get you started.
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  • The Worst Exercises include situps, crunches, pilates hundreds, bicycles, double leg raises, medball crunches, wide leg sumo squats, bouncing on a mini trampoline, and the worst of all, medball v-sits. This plus many more potentially dangerous exercises are still being performed and endorsed on social media blogs some by high profile trainers.
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