/ When I realised I didn’t suck at yoga

When I realised I didn’t suck at yoga

When I realised I didn’t suck at yoga

I hear people say it all the time, “I don’t do Yoga because it hurts my back, or I have a bad back and can’t do those twists”, or “I’m just not that flexible”, the post below could’ve well have been written by me or about me! It’s titled “when I realised I didn’t suck at yoga”.

I will admit, initially when I started teaching,  I had many moments that I felt inadequate because my head didn’t rest on my knees in a forward bend, due to neck and back issues.  I lost the ego of trying to do everything or be as good as someone else. The only person I am trying to please is myself, I am content, I knew the sequences, the names of all the asanas, (most of them in sanskrit),  I listen to my body and after 3 years of yoga, I appreciate my body with all it’s flaws. Some days my body flows in the sun salutations, but stall on the backbends.

As you will learn Yoga is not about being the MOST flexible person in the room, or being able to twist the furthest, or do the best headstand. It’s not about who looks the best in their LJ lyrca, it doesn’t matter what you wear for Yoga as long as you feel comfortable.

Yoga is about finding inner balance and feeling good about yourself. The health benefits of Yoga are now being supported by medical evidence. Yoga is so much more than musculoskeletal stretching and some breathing. Performed regularly, it actually changes the way your whole body and mind respond,  how your think and how the body starts to produce the positive hormones that comes with a regular practice. Take note of the last line in the article, I also feel good that I help others, it’s so rewarding to see changes in people in a matter of weeks, I love my job!

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