As with many that have served in the Defence Forces, I sustained several injuries and suffered chronic pain for many years. A few more things went terribly wrong  and this lead to depression, anxiety and lots of medication and treatment. So fast forward to the present day, what has changed?? I changed.

I now own and operate a Health and Adventure business to train, educate and motivate middle aged women to live their lives; to be the best versions of themselves that they possibly can be. FLF is more than exercise classes,  Yoga, Pilates, Fitcamps, Pelvic floor education, back pain management, bushwalks, Adventures but more importantly: it’s a community of a fantastic bunch of Ladies, that have changed my life as much I have tried to make positive changes to theirs.  We are all different, different ages, different abilities, sizes, shapes, opinions, but the common denominator  is that we are here for the same reason – to find health and happiness.

Whilst I have always had a fitness background, I was drawn to Yoga,  but I felt too intimidated because I couldn’t move or bend like anyone else in the room. Even before my injuries, I felt very self conscious about my ability to do yoga, more so after my accident and wondered if I would ever get back into an active lifestyle with my self esteem destroyed. Maybe sometimes you just have to hit rock bottom to realise the only direction is up.

Initially I saw Yoga only as a means of trying to regain strength and range of movement into my back, neck and knee. I couldn’t find a suitable class so I began to research and practice myself. What I discovered was I didn’t find Yoga, Yoga found me. After a few years I realised what worked for me, clearly worked for others in similar situations. The more I researched all the benefits, I wanted to learn more and become a registered Yoga teacher, I wanted more than just the physical aspects. I was still reluctant to believe how could attend a yoga teacher course when I had such limited range of movement, I was unable to do many yoga poses. How can  I teach clients if I am not the best at everything in my own classes. Well practicing often and realising Yoga is more than asanas, was that powerful moment of letting go of doubt, that changed my life. Yoga was my therapy. The more positive I was about my practice, it became the best form of pain and depression management. Yoga works on so many levels, Yoga is what you want it to be and it really is life long, they call it a practice because there is always more to learn. I love seeing students in their first session and then seeing the improvements as the weeks and months roll by. It’s heart warming that it is also making positive changed to other people’s lives. When we combine Yoga, mindfulness and my love of hiking, it’s the whole package, we are free to seek and find purpose.

Kelly now helps others find their path to a healthier and happier lifestyle. We offer many options and price packages, Yoga, Pilates, private training, Fitcamps, bushwalking, and/or life changing Adventures locally and overseas find what makes you happy.

Contact us to see if we have a class available to suit you.

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