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Yoga for Women 50 plus


Yoga for Women 50 plus


Some of the common things I hear and see as a Yoga teacher is how ladies have tried Yoga and didn’t like it? so I have to ask the question WHY? Yoga is the most balanced of exercise for mind and body. It is becoming the flavour of the month for all conditions, physical and mental health issues. It is being widely used in western medicine as a means of treatment for many ailments, but buyer beware, not all yoga teachers are the same! Here’s some of the excuses I have heard:

The teacher expected me to get into that position

So let’s dispel a few myths – a true yoga teacher will never force, push or expect you to perform anything that you may feel uncomfortable with or that can potentially cause pain. My classes include modifications for those conditions, i.e larger women, women with larger breasts, weak or injured shoulders, backpain, weak or injuries to the knees, pelvic floor dysfunction, overcoming cancer, pregnancy pre and post.

I hurt myself trying to do what the rest of the class were doing.

Injuries usually occur when students are impatient and try to push their bodies beyond what they are capable of to keep up with whoever is beside them . You are not competing with anyone in a yoga class, you just have to be the best version of YOU, and hopefully a little improvement of what YOU could do in the previous class. Get rid of any self doubt or ego, and just concentrate on your ability. If you experience any pain you should stop immediately, an experienced teacher will either offer a restorative pose, modification or allow you to rest.

I felt uncomfortable because they were all young and skinny

Yoga is very a personal endeavour; despite it being conducted in a class environment, it’s your body, your class, your mat and noone or nothing around  you should take priority of your headspace, especially how other people look. Yoga is about self acceptance, self love, and knowing that you are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing;  improving your mind and body.  Our classes are predominately middle aged women, with similar needs and conditions. This however does not exclude anyone from doing our classes.

I’m not that flexible so wouldn’t get anything out of it.

For the not so flexible our Yoga is perfect to start aligning the body and easing into asanas that require a bit more flexibility. Noone ever walked out of class saying wow I feel so inflexible now. Yoga is a practice and that’s exactly what we do, practice to become better. Everyone always has room for improvement. The super bendy people generally lack strength, the super strong generally lack flexibility or stamina. We need to maintain a balance of all three components:  strength, suppleness and stamina. You can’t do one or two classes and expect to do a backbend or headstand. To see improvements you should commit to regular classes over a minimum 8 week period.

I tried Yoga years ago, it didn’t work for me.

If Yoga didn’t work for you, it was probably not the right type, class, or teacher. There are now so many different forms of Yoga, it’s not just for the elite, ultra flexible people. A good yoga teacher will see when her students are not coping and offer modifications or alternate postures. Yoga is deciding what you want out of it, is it breathing, asanas, meditation, relaxation, strength, flexibility, postural alignment, overcoming injuries, overcoming cancer . You choose what you want yoga to do for you and you work towards choosing the appropriate mix to achieve that.

I’m menopausal should I still do yoga.

Absolutely yes… in fact there are a number of postures recommended for menopausal women to help with stress relief, calm the nerves, restorative postures to help with aches, pains hot flashes. Yoga gives you a positive outlook and can ease you into the transition.

My physio/Dr suggested I do Yoga/Pilates, will this help my medical condition

As an qualified instructor of both pilates and yoga, I can provide a balance of exercises to help build your core, but also the stretches to help alleviate those tight muscles causing the back pain. Yoga is so good for the whole body and relaxation for the mind.

Next Beginner’s Yoga Program starts Jun  – Register Now.

We have several classes during the week, but as a starter program I would recommend joining our new program commencing Saturdays at 9am. Our Location is in a beautiful natural setting and we can start from scratch. This program will be run over 6 consecutive weeks.

Program includes booklet: Overcoming back pain, introduction to yoga, stretching, fitball, myotherapy techniques.

Course is suitable for back pain sufferers, pelvic floor dysfunction, post cancer, knee injuries.

Cost is $180 includes Foam Roller, Strap and Block.

email or call for more details.

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